The Broward Young Black Progressives (BYBP) is made up of young professionals who seek to make a difference in their communities through political means and methods.

BYBP is a Millennial driven political and community interest organization. Members are educated on how to navigate the local, state and national political systems. Members learn and understand how to engage elected officials, campaigning, lobbying, and other forms of political activity. Lastly, Members are empowered and groomed to be change agents in Broward County, their respective cities, and communities.

BYBP was founded in July 2016 during a pivotal point in American politics when Millennials felt that it was time to assert themselves in the political realm and use their talents to reshape and reform the political system. BYBP services all cities, municipalities in, as well as, Broward County as a whole.

If you would like to donate to BYBP in order to help us continue to fight for what is right and just, please click the button below.